The Internet has foretokened the buying experience of Gemstones online. Everybody wants and loves the ease of one-click buying experience. Just like that buying gemstone online is also now becoming more reliable and secure. The buying guide varies depending on the type of stone you are planning to buy. Here is the buying guide of Hessonite or Gomed stone.

The Hessonite or Gomed Gemstone belongs to Garnet stone family. It is also known as Gomedh, Gomedhika and Rahu Ratna. Gomed stone represents the power of the planet Rahu and is especially effective Gemstone when the Karmik periods of Rahu Dasha are in operation. And for a beneficial experience, the prime thing is to buy an original gemstone. So before buying Gomed stone online here are a few things which you have to keep in mind.

Check the color of Gomed Stone:

When you buy Gomed stone online always check the color of the stone and color should be the first preference for a check. The best colors for Hessonite are Deep Burnt Orangish Cinnamon, Medium Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Golden Orange. Discard brown, muddy and black tone.

Check the texture of Hessonite Stone:

While buying this Gomed stone, be very sure that it is free from all the flaws scars and breakage. Hessonite is ruled by karmic planet Rahu so any undesirable flaws may lead to problems of several kinds. Always avoid stone with white stain as that is related to ill health and bodily ailments.

Check the authenticity:

Authenticity is the prime factor which should never and ever be ignored while buying hessonite stone online. Ensure that the website offers certified stones with respect to the quality certificates from the reputed laboratories.

Check the origin:

Origin is the place from where the stone is obtained. So before buying gemstone always check from where it belongs. Hessonite Stone from Africa, Srilanka, Austria, India & Thailand are the places from where the best quality stone is obtained.

Check the treatment:

It is essential to check the treatment of Hessonite stones before buying. The most common treatment of Gemstone is heat so while buying check the treatment preferred. Also, the heat treated Gemstones are typically 20-25% lesser in price than unheated ones, so check the price also.

Give an eye on the view of stone:

Try to give more preference to video than to photo as a 3D view gives you a better chance to evaluate cut, color, clarity and most importantly inclusions. This can really impact on the price of the stone you purchasing.

Take a look at the variety:

Before buying the hessonite stone online, go through all the verities and shapes of the stone. Carefully read the carrots and the descriptions and choose the best shape and carrot which is advised by your astrologer.

Read the reviews:

Reviews are the utmost important thing which should never be forgotten while buying Gomedh stone online. Reviews and testimonials are the proof of the quality of the product so before purchasing the stone check the rating.

Go through refunds & return policy:

Return & refund policies are the must thing which should always be considered while buying Gomedh stone online. Check if return or refund is possible or not. Also, go through the shipping policies and quality of shipping services.

These are some various vital factors which you should keep in mind while buying Hessonite Stone online. Buying gemstone online is not a tedious task, you just have to keep an eye on the authenticity of the seller. Buying Hessonite stone online from Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited will help you in getting a pure and original stone at a very economical price.