What is birthstone?

Birthstones are more than just symbols of your astrological Sun signs. From ancient times birthstones which are also gemstones are known for their beauty and prosperity.  Not only the beauty but the power of birthstone is believed by many to have metaphysical energy which can heal any of the negative energy around the wearer.

Birthstones or Rashi Ratna are the natural gemstones which associated with the birth of an individual or can say according to zodiac of the individual. It is well known that every birthstone has a color and subsequent meaning associated with it which is also linked with the zodiac associated with it. The variety and importance of different Rashi Ratna or Birthstone directly refer to the month of your birth and zodiac related.

Gemstones as birthstones are not only a fashion accessory; as their astrological values and properties heal many of the difficulties. So while purchasing one must consult the reputed astrologer before wearing the gemstone. If not an astrologer then here is the list according to zodiac which will help you in determining your Birthstone.

Birtstone Finder – Which gemstone is suitable for me and How to know rashi stone by date of birth ?

Each zodiac sign has a stone and color scheme which works with the aura and enhances the positive energies. By choosing a correct zodiac Birthstone one can strengthen the spirit works and can be worth a shot.

January Birthstone

For January born, Garnet or Gomedh is the suitable birthstone. Gomedh Birthstones are a blend of mineral spices which give it a deep red color. Garnet stones range in color from deep red and dark pink/purple to yellow, orange, and several shades of green. Garnet or Gomedh stone signify trust and friendship.

Garnet is a stone of protective energy which is especially known for protection from evil, during travel, nightmares, and from wounds. Garnet gemstone balances energy and brings serenity or passion as appropriate, and can inspire love. Gomedh birthstone is considered a lucky stone for business, success, and prosperity.    

February Birthstone

For February born, Amethyst is the lucky birthstone. Traditionally it is believed that this stone provides courage and strength to the wearer. Amethyst gemstone is available in a wide range of violet colors, from pale lavender to deep, rich purple. Not only the most beautiful looking gemstone but it is also one the most effective gemstone.

This stone is best for relieving stress and helps in building spiritual attachment. Amethyst birthstone is very helpful to get rid of negative energy from your home and body and it also attracts positive energy. This birthstone is a calming gemstone which will guard the wearer against psychic attack, mood swings, dispels anger, fear and anxiety.

March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the lucky birthstone for March born. This is one of the gemstones which is highly attractive and beautiful in its own way. The power of Aquamarine gemstone benefits in the area of financial conditions, relationships and the overall behavior of its wearers. This birthstone carries the energy which balance, stabilize and regulate the mental, emotional and physical aspect of its user.

Blessed by the power of planet Neptune this beautiful Aquamarine Birthstone is ideal for building a faithful and loyal relationship between couples. This birthstone is apt for those who lack confidence and self-esteem as it boosts the confidence and gives wearer proper vision to the owner and let him/her opt for the right choice.

April Birthstone

April born individuals are advised to wear diamond. Venus is the ruling planet of Diamond gemstone. And according to Hindu astrology, Venus is the most shining and beautiful planet of the solar system. If any individual is going under the influence of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra), he/she must wear a diamond.  

Diamond as birthstone is worn for luck; it also increases longevity & enhances the image of the wearer in the social & family circle. This gemstone enables the wearer to do good deeds, meriting commendation & acclaim. People born in April are suggested to wear Diamond for healthier and wealthier future. Wearing diamond will also provoke the spiritual ecstasy of the person.

May Birthstone

Emerald, also known as Panna, is the Birthstone for May Born. According to astrology, this gem brings its owner foresight, youth, and good fortune. The Emerald birthstone is the sacred stone of the planet Mercury and has long been considered a symbol of hope this gemstone is always considered lucky in a matter of love.

Emerald birthstone is ruled by planet Mercury which is also responsible for intellect, speech, memory, short travel, wisdom, and intuitive power. The wearers of this birthstone get benefited with a sharp memory and smart intellect. Emeralds or Panna gemstone support good health, wealth, and happiness, and reduce the possibility of snake bites.

June Birthstone

The birthstone for June born people is always beautiful Pearl. As Pearl (Moti) harmonize Chandra (Moon) which is said to be influencing emotions, mind, and affluence. Moon influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in the psychology and our emotions so wearing a birthstone Pearl can give positive benefits.

By wearing Pearl stone you can remove the evil effects of the moon and in turn, it strengthens the mind force and increases the good sleep. This birthstone is also considered a beauty gemstone as it increases the beauty and facial luster of a wearer. Individual related to the business of arts, medicines, medicinal oils, perfumes, milk, oil, beverages, shipbuilding, exports are advised to wear Pearl.

July Birthstone

People born in July are advised to wear Ruby Gemstone as Birthstone. Ruby also is known as Manik is ruled by Sun which is also the ruler of all the planets. Manik or Ruby gemstone as birthstone balances the effects of Sun and also enhances the financial stability and improves recognition in the society. Manik as birthstone will increase your luck abundantly.

Ruby is considered extremely lucky for those who are born in July. This gemstone will help to cure peptic ulcer, fever, heurism, gout, boils, itch and insomnia. Ruby, when combined with other stones, helps to cure heart diseases. 

August Birthstone

August borns are advised to wear Peridot Gemstone as a birthstone. Peridot birthstone belongs to olivine mineral family and is in shade of green color. Peridots gemstone increases strength and vitality in people and they also are liable for giving a calming effect to a wearer. It is also believed that these gemstones bring happiness and warmth in the lives of the wearer.

Peridot gemstone increases mental strength in people and reduces anxiety. This gemstone also gives a healing effect on health issues related to liver and gall bladder. As this stone is related to happiness and calming mind, it increases the sense of truthfulness and wisdom in the wearer. This stone releases negativity and brings clarity in thoughts.

September Birthstone

Blue Sapphire is the ideal birthstone for September born individuals. Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam and comes under the ruling planet Saturn. A person wearing Neelam as birthstone will have a peace of mind as it has the ability to relax the mind. Among all the nine gemstones Neelam is considered as a fastest and strongest gemstone.

For September born individuals it will show effects instantly by way of gain in wealth, resolution to a problem, windfall gain etc. Saturn is a karmic planet and Saturn periods will make or break an individual’s life so to prevent your lifestyle from any mishappening of Shani one must wear Blue sapphire gemstone.

October Birthstone

For October born babies Tourmaline gemstone is considered lucky. It is one of the pretty gemstones available in varied hues. The meaning of name of this gemstone is stone with mixed colors. Just like the name the characters of this birthstone are equally wonderful. This gemstone brings positivity in mind and body by eliminating any fear or depression.

Tourmaline gemstone is considered excellent meditation due to its properties that make it a remarkable grounding stone. This gemstone also acts as a protective shield or a lightning rod to dispel any negative energy away from the wearer. It also enhances the good health in an individual.

November Birthstone

Pukhraj or Topaz is the ideal birthstone for November born individuals. Topaz gemstones are available in numerous colors like white, blue and yellow and you can choose according to your astrologer. Pukhraj is considered for healing health issues like joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, obesity, constipation, anorexia, and poor immune system function.

Pukhraj brings great prosperity to its wearer aids in spiritual understanding. This gemstone is very effective in healing stone within the chakra and is excellent for liver, kidney and bladder problems or imbalances. By wearing this gemstone one invites joy and peace in lifestyle.

December Birthstone

Zircon (जरकन in Hindi) is the ideal birthstone for December born people. The ruling planet of gemstone Zircon isVenus, that is also responsible for love life and married life of a person. This gemstone strengthens the Venus and brings in passion, understanding, romance, and satisfaction in one’s relationship.

Zircon birthstone protects individual from hormonal imbalance related ailments and is also believed that this stone benefits the urinary and reproductive system. This gemstone helps in enhancing the positivity and social life of wearer by removing negative energies.