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Know How to Buy Gemstones at Best Price in India

Key factors to check before buying authentic gemstones

Make Smart & Informed Decision in Your Buying Process of Natural & Precious Gemstones. Read this guide completely to be a confident shopper and understand the basics.

In India, according to Vedic astrology, a malefic or benefic planet shows its result during the period of Madasha, Antardasha & transition period. Because of this transition period and time periods, it effects to the planets of an individual. And due to these reasons and sometimes to strengthen or weaken the effects occurs during the transition of planets Gemstones are worn.

Gemstones are considered as a powerful tool in Astrology. Each planet has gemstone of its own kind which helps in attracting the cosmic rays of that particular planet. Gems are favorite from ancient times; earlier kings used to stud it in their crown for wealth and prosperity. And still this continues, people wear it for various purposes.

Like what to choose according to zodiac another essential thing is how to buy authentic and natural gemstone. Whether to buy it offline or online, these 7 steps or checkpoints can help you make smart decisions and smart shopper 🙂

Check the color of gemstone

Color is the most important factor which helps in determining the beauty and value of a gemstone. Also, the other four main factor involved in the shade of gemstone is hue, saturation, tone, and distribution. The first thing is hue; hue refers to the actual color of the spectrum. The purer is the hue of gemstone the more valuable it is.

A tone of the natural gemstone refers to the how light or dark a stone appears depending on how much brown, black, gray or white is present. Third-factor saturation refers to the intensity of the brightness of the color. The more saturated the gemstone is the purer it is. The last factor is distribution; it refers to how evenly the color spreads out across the body of the Natural Gemstone.

Check the cut

The other essential criteria on which the value of a gemstone is depended is the cut. A good cut means it should be proportioned to display a gem’s depth of color and liveliness while revealing the fewest imperfections. Colored natural gemstones are sometimes cut with facets, or cut as a cabochon or a smooth dome without facets.

The better the cut of the gemstone the more it will sparkle and life it will exhibit. Sometimes because of cuts, the prices may vary so while buying it ask the cut and then calculate the price. A cut is the overall quality of the cutting process: shape, symmetry, proportions, and facets, finish and so on.

Check the origin

Origin directly refers to the quality and purity of the gemstone. Before buying a gemstone always check the origin of the stone mentioned. The different gemstones have different origins; also the origin directly cost the value of your purchase. Africa, Srilanka, Austria, India & Thailand are the places from where the best quality gemstone is obtained. Sometimes some places use fake origin and sell cheap quality gemstones at higher rates. So, for that consider the below point.

Check the treatment

It is always suggested to opt for the purest form of the natural gemstone to avail maximum benefits and good effects. Before buying check the treatment done on the gemstone. The most common treatment is heating. Gemstones are sometimes heated to increase the clarity and luster so ask before buying. Because of heating sometimes the gemstone may lose some of its property so check what sort of treatment is done.

Check the creditability of the seller

This is the most important thing which should never and ever be overlooked. Before buying check the certification. Always go to authentic sellers or who are dealing in this field from more than 10 years. As there are so many new vendors always trust the old ones. Sometimes the new sellers may give not so effective gemstone. In Delhi, you can consider going Chandni Chowk and the city center, where you will get authentic dealers of Natural Gemstones.

Check the certification

Certification is proof that you are in safe hands. When you are going to buy gemstones, ensure that they are affiliated with GJEPC India or other reputed organizations like Delhi Jewellers Association. Also, check the history of the store and if the physical store has an online website also, then browse through the testimonials and reviews also to verify the authenticity.

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