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6 Ways to Identify Fake Gemstones & Protect Yourself from fraud while Purchasing Gemstones

The gemstone market in Jaipur, India and the world is ever-flourishing as the demand for gemstones is increasing day by day.

The gemstone industry has hundreds (or even thousands) of authentic and genuine retail and wholesale dealers across the globe, but as it is said, ‘Every original masterpiece has its cheap copy’, the industry is flooded with thousands of duplicate gemstones and their sellers.

It is very important to learn how to identify fake gemstones as these fake gemstone sellers take advantage of the high demand for gemstones and sell cheap gemstones that are treated or have inclusions or even have incorrect weights.

These people mainly target innocent tourists and buyers who are not aware of the working of the gemstone industry and get duped easily.

These fake gems don’t provide the best astrological benefits, and therefore, we recommend buying gemstones from genuine sellers only, and don’t fall for the trap of cheap products.

A genuine seller always prioritizes customer satisfaction over earning profits.

How to Identify Fake Gemstones?

It is pretty easy to be mesmerized by the beauty of gemstones, but it is also essential to choose the ones that are real and not synthetic.

Here are the ways in which you can identify a fake gemstone:

  1. Check for Gemstone’s Shine
  2. Look for Gemstone’s Transparency
  3. Examine Gemstone’s Weight
  4. Seek Gemstone Lab Report
  5. Check Dealer’s Authenticity
  6. Examine the Look of Gemstone

Check for Gemstone’s Shine

If a gemstone shines brighter than usual, and getting at cheap prices, it is not a real one, as natural gemstones have a subtle shine because they undergo wear and tear in their natural state itself, and natural gems that have high transparency are too rare and thus, expensive.

Look for Gemstone’s Transparency

If the gemstone you are purchasing does not allow light to pass through it, the gem may not genuine. Though there are ‘Opaque’ Natural gems too, but are not suitable for astrological purposes in most cases.

Examine Gemstone’s Weight

A fake gemstone is always denser than a real one. In other words, they are heavier than 100% genuine gemstones. If you hold a stone in your hand, you can identify if it is real or fake by feeling its weight.

Seek Gemstone Lab Report

A fake gemstone will not be certified by any reputed gem laboratory. But, the best gemstone shops in India or other countries always sell 100% authentic gemstones that have a gem lab report or certificate issued by a recognized third-party body like the IIGJ – Research & Lab Center in Jaipur.

A lab report will help you check if a gemstone has undergone treatments or has inclusions. Also, if a gemstone certificate does not include the source of origin, you most likely have a fake gem in your hand.

Check Dealer’s Authenticity

If the gemstone dealer you are purchasing your gems from is not transparent about the gem’s origin or the description of the product, or even industry trends, they may be fraudsters selling fake gems.

Examine the Look of Gemstone

It is imperative to examine the look of the gemstone by comparing it with a piece of glass. If the stone looks similar to a piece of glass, you might be taking home a piece of glass only and not a gemstone.

Why are a Few Gemstones so Cheap?

The price of a genuine gemstone is determined by certain factors like weight, color, carat, and others. Gemstones are never on the cheaper side as far as the price is concerned, as they are precious or semi-precious gemstones.

If a gemstone seller is selling gemstones at a meager rate, you need to keep your distance from such sellers. Such people may be fraudsters who dupe innocent buyers and provide synthetic stones at low prices with a profit motive. Such sellers have also damaged the reputation of the gemstone and jewelry industry and made it difficult for buyers to trust any dealer.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to buy from wholesalers or retailers who have been in the industry for a considerable time. All you need to do is conduct a thorough check before purchasing a gemstone and avoid fraud gemstone sellers.

Common Frauds in the Gemstone Market these days

Fraudulent gemstone dealers sell fake gemstones with enhancements and treatments, which they don’t disclose to buyers. Some even sell gemstones that have wrong carat measurements. In addition to this, they have certain tactics to cheat customers, and you must be aware of the same. Below, we have listed the types of frauds in the gemstone market:

Sale of Duty-free Gemstones

Some people in the gemstone industry lure customers, especially tourists, into buying their products by offering discounts and duty-free gemstones. They even go to the extent of misguiding customers as far as the resale value of the gems is concerned.

Ponzi Scheme

Dishonest sellers usually trick customers into buying a fake gemstone with sub-standard quality and cut by claiming that it would be a great investment option and could bring a high return on investment. They usually target buyers who wish to become rich within a short period.

Bargain Rate Fixing

Unethical gemstone wholesale dealers and retailers fix an unbelievable bargain rate by over-praising the product they are selling. Ultimately, what they sell is an inferior quality gemstone with little or no value.

How to Protect yourself from Gemstone Fraud?

Following are the tips you should follow to protect yourself from gemstone frauds:

Ask Relevant Questions & Demand Certification

The first thing to ensure that the dealer is 100% genuine is to raise relevant and essential queries about the gemstone. You should ask about the source and origin of the gemstone, treatments or enhancements, and if there is a certificate from an independent laboratory. It will help you if you ask if the stone has undergone heat treatment after cutting. If the answer is affirmative, the dealer is most likely not a genuine one.

Avoid Buying Unbelievably Cheap Gemstones

If you are alarmed by the unbelievable cheap rate of the gemstone of your choice, you should not buy from the respective dealer.

Opt for a Gemstone Wholesaler Who Cuts Gems In-house

Wholesale dealers who have in-house gemstone cutting and polishing services are the ones you should go for. Also, you need to check if the cutting and polishing techniques used are the best and as per international standards.

Enquire About the Exact Weight of Gemstone

Some fraud gem dealers in the wholesale and retail market misguide the buyers by providing approximate weight measurements. You can save yourself from such sellers by asking for the exact weight to ensure you purchase a gemstone for the best price as per its weight.

Avoid Answering Emails or Phone Calls About Winning a Contest

Some gemstone dealers or retailers also reach you via email or phone number to convey the message that you have won a gemstone or jewelry contest. If you fall into their trap, they may even ask you to pay a processing fee and extract your payment details to misuse the same. Therefore, you should not respond to such intimations.

Conduct Research on Gemstones & Sellers

The only way to avoid being cheated is to research the gemstones and sellers. When you are knowledgeable about the gem, it will be difficult for unethical gemstone dealers to fool you, be it about price or other aspects.

Why Gemstone Buyers in Jaipur Trust SBGL?

Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited has been in the gemstone industry for over decades and believes in the power of 3 Ts: Trust, Transparency, and True Price. We are one of the best gemstone shops in Jaipur, selling certified gemstones at a valid market price.

We have earned the trust of all our valuable clients all over India and abroad because of our transparency and genuine price commitment. Also, we provide 100% natural gemstones only.

We source the best raw gemstones directly from the mines of Sri Lanka, Brazil, and other countries and use modern techniques in our in-house cutting and polishing process. We encourage our clients to carefully review our purity certificates (from IIGJ – Research and Lab Center in Jaipur) before purchasing a stone from us.

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