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Gemstone manufacturer in Jaipur: Understanding the Process in 6 Easy Steps

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Gemstone manufacturing is done on a large scale in Jaipur, which is why it is considered a major hub of gemstone manufacturers. There are many reliable gemstone wholesalers and manufacturers in the Pink City, like Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited, who have been manufacturing high-quality gemstones for decades using the latest technologies.

We at SBGL, one of the best names among gemstone manufacturer in Jaipur, manufacture a diverse range of gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, and other gems while ensuring the gem’s authenticity is maintained.

The gemstone manufacturing process consists of several steps, and every step is essential. Therefore, gem experts take utmost care while handling gems so that the quality the buyers get is always high.

Gemstone Manufacturing Process in Jaipur

SBGL understands that gemstones from the best mines are the ones that have an unmatched quality. Therefore, we ensure that gemstones are appropriately sourced, and the latest techniques are used as per industry standards.

The manufacturing process starts only after careful sourcing. The sourcing process starts with thoroughly examining the gemstone lot while determining the quality and the yield to decide if the rough can be picked.

After this, our gemstone experts assess the shapes and sizes of the gemstone lot and negotiate the price accordingly.

Our sourcing process does not end there as we get the piece of rough tested, when needed, and the gemstone testing is done from a reputed and government-certified gem testing laboratory only. Sometimes, we also get random samples tested from the laboratory if the rough piece is of higher value.

The standard manufacturing process, as done by SBGL, is given below in the following 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Assortment & Marking of Rough
  • Step 2: Planning & Preparing for Cut of Gem
  • Step 3: Cutting the Gem
  • Step 4: Preforming
  • Step 5: Faceting
  • Step 6: Polishing

Step 1: Assortment & Marking of Rough

The assortment step starts with using a sieve to separate the sizes of the fresh lot of rough. Thereafter, the gemstones are assorted according to their quality, making it easier to decide on each piece’s shape.

The marking of lines is done next on the piece of the rough with the help of a white pencil, which helps the gem expert have a clearer idea of how the piece can be cut along the lines so as to ensure the removal of unwanted parts.

Step 2: Planning & Preparing for Cut of Gemstone

This step involves thorough planning on the part of the gem cutter as to how to position the table and pavilion of the gem for a perfect and precise cut.

The expert gem cutter also tries to ensure that the inclusions are fewer. Particular attention is given to removing bad inclusions, thus making this step crucial in the gem manufacturing process.

Step 3: Cutting the Gem

The gem expert holds the piece of the gemstone to be cut in his hands and cuts it carefully and precisely with a diamond-edged cutting round blade. The blade continues to rotate vertically at high speed with the help of a motor while running water continuously falls on the blade.

The gemstone expert may take a few attempts to cut the gemstone to get the desired piece out of the whole.

Step 4: Preforming

In this step, the gemstone piece is examined again so that a well-informed decision on the shape and size of the gem can be taken. As per the decision, the preforming is done on a vertical diamond plate.

The stone expert manually rotates the plate at a slow speed. Because this is a slow process, it requires a lot of attention from the cutter, who holds the piece in their hand with care while the plate is rotated.

Step 5: Faceting

Faceting is done to allow light clearly reflect through the gemstone. The process is nothing but providing tiny faces on the gemstone piece.

Each facet of the gemstone piece is cut based on the height or depth, angle, and placement of the facet around the entire shape of the gemstone piece, also known as indexing.

Step 6: Polishing

This step comprises another round of assortment of gemstone pieces based on their shapes and sizes. The smaller ones are polished in a fully automatic machine that can polish gemstones in bulk.

For the bigger ones, the gem expert holds the same in the hands and polishes them on horizontal diamond plates. This stage gives the gemstone a perfectly smooth surface and does not include any harmful heat treatment.

What is Done After Gemstones are Cut & Polished?

Trusted gemstone manufacturers in Jaipur, including SBGL, ensure the gemstone they sell to their clientele is rare and has fewer inclusions. We cut and polish the gemstones in such a way that there are minimum inclusions, feathers, or black spots in the precious gems.

We dip the gemstone in premium and soft oil so that its surface is smooth. Just like human beings need a moisturizer to remove dryness from the skin, precious gems also need moisturizer-like oil to have a smooth surface.

Smoothness and shine add to the aesthetics of the gemstone, but the purity and rarity of the gems are never compromised.

says Mr. Sanjay Bairathi, Director – SBGL, Jaipur

How are Gemstones Graded & Classified?

Gemstones are generally graded based on their color, clarity, shape, and size. The process is the same at one of the trusted wholesale gemstone dealers in Jaipur, SBGL. For example, as far as Emeralds are concerned, there are around eight shades of green and five grades of clarity in each shape and size.

Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited – Trusted Gemstone Manufacturer in Jaipur

Each step mentioned above in the gemstone manufacturing process requires special attention on the part of the gemstone expert cutter. Cutting and polishing gemstones is an art that can be nurtured only by experience, and the gem you purchase is the end result of the expertise and patience that gem experts have.

The learning process never ends, and at SBGL, our experts keep learning and brushing their skills to produce a gem that is not only attractive but also an epitome of authenticity. After all, authenticity, purity, and rarity of the gemstone are the factors that determine the value of the final product.

Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited is a trusted wholesaler and manufacturer of gemstones in Jaipur, as we have been involved in the trade for quite a long time. We have an eye for perfection when it comes to supplying high-quality (100% natural) gemstones with the maximum astrological benefits, and being pioneers among the best gemstone manufacturer in Jaipur. Our dedicated team of experts works round-the-clock at different levels of the manufacturing process to provide our clientele with the best products.

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