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Ceylon vs Thai Yellow Sapphire: Understanding the difference

It may sound philosophical, but it is a truth that we are part of a continuous journey called life, which has its share of ups and downs with experiences that may break or make us, steering us towards the path that decides our present and sometimes future too.

How does a gemstone make a difference? Well, during our life process, healing stones, which many of us call gemstones, can have a significant impact on us, thanks to their grounding properties, which they have inherited due to their roots in mother earth. Though some are lab-made, they also undergo various processes as the natural ones, making them stand equal to the original ones in some ways.

You can have them as per your sunshine, birth year, and time of birth to eliminate blockages, limiting you from shining in your light and exuding your power. One such unique gemstone is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj.

What Is a Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Ratna)?

Gemstones of vitality and wisdom, sapphires are a variety of corundum. Known for its rich colors, regal heritage, and mystic healing prowess, this regal gemstone has been on the list of many astrological and precious gems lovers, making it one of the sought-after stones worldwide.

If we specifically talk about the yellow-colored variety of sapphires (Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Ratna), then it would not be an exaggeration to say that this yellow crystal has dazzling energy, like the sun illuminating the sky and can help you activate your solar plexus and sacral chakras, manifesting hopes and prosperity. Pukhraj is said to help channel strength and success and aids in concerns of material gain.

Yellow Sapphire is a never-ending source of life and light, ready to awaken the strength in you. If you are seeking clarity, consciousness, and a path toward spiritual bliss, then Yellow Sapphire is the stone for you as its mystic energy repels all the negativity and evokes profound courage in its user to thrive and shine in this world. But the catch is you get the right one in your hand.

When it comes to Yellow Sapphires, there are two varieties that rank on the priority list of many gem lovers: Ceylon Yellow Sapphire and Bangkok Yellow Sapphire. Are they not the same? No! We understand your dilemma. Read on to understand the noted gap between Ceylon Yellow Sapphire and Bangkok Yellow Sapphire and make yourself more informed. Let’s go!

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire vs Thai Yellow Sapphire: Everything you Need to Know as a Buyer

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

Ceylon Pukhraj, also known as Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire, is generally mined in the country and sold untreated, elevating its value multifold in the precious stones category. So, what makes it one of a kind? Given are some pointers to know the stone better:

  • Astrological Effect

Governed by the planet Jupiter, these Yellow Sapphires are touted to be astrologically powerful and provide maximum astrological benefits to their wearer, thanks to their natural extraction and pure earthy connection.

  • Appearance

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire is prized for its pristine clarity and color. They are highly sought after for their natural yellow hue, which is frequently described as having a pure lemony tint.

  • Value

Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are more expensive because they are more frequently discovered in more significant sizes and are heavier than others. They are less likely to have undergone any color treatment or enhancement, appreciating their value more in the gemstone market.

  • Rarity

Ceylon Pukhraj is one of the rarest and finest varieties of Yellow Sapphire. This is because Sri Lankan mines only have a limited source of the same. The mining of Ceylon sapphire is also strictly controlled to keep the stock in check, which further adds to its rarity and exclusiveness.

  • Clarity

Ceylon mines are known to produce high-quality Yellow Sapphires, which are typically free from apparent inclusions and blemishes, providing exceptional clarity. Minimal included Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are highly sought after and demand more money as compared to other Pukhraj Ratnas.

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire

Found in Bangkok in Thailand, Bangkok Yellow Sapphires are manufactured in industries and are mainly used for ornamental purposes.

  • Astrological Effects

Though manufactured, some Bangkok Yellow Sapphires are believed to offer astrological advantages. It is known to bring prosperity, financial stability, and bliss in life. It is also a stone of health and helps maintain blood circulation and keep blood pressure in control.

  • Appearance

Thai Yellow Sapphires possess a deeper shade of yellow since they undergo a lot of heat and look enhancement treatment to look complimentary on jewelry designs.

  • Value

Compared to Ceylon Pukhraj, Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is more cost-effective and budget-friendly. The reason is the frequently done treatments to improve their overall appearance, which can have an impact on their price in the market. They also come in smaller sizes, which may significantly affect their overall value.

  • Rarity

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is comparatively more accessible and easier to comprehend as they are manufactured in abundance to keep the market demand in check.

  • Clarity

Bangkok Yellow Pukhraj may contain flaws like blemishes, cracks, or other inclusions. However, depending on the nature of the stone, the number of inclusions may change. Thailand Yellow Sapphires with fewer inclusions are worth more than those with more.

How to Spot the Primary Difference Between Bangkok Yellow Sapphire & Ceylon Yellow Sapphire?

Ceylon Pukhraj Ratnas are naturally occurring pastel light-yellow stones, more like a lemon. But in some cases, you could also discover a bright yellow or a deep orange tint. However, if you find a more saturated and brighter deep color stone, the more likely it is a Bangkok Yellow Sapphire.

However, natural color saturation and irradiation with lab assistance differ from one another. Do check the certificate of origin to be sure of the gemstone you are picking.

Embrace Bliss and beauty with Yellow Sapphire from Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited

So many variables determine which option is preferable to whom. Some of these deciding elements directly affect you, such as why you need the stone. Are you into astrological advice and want a perfect stone, or is it just for some jewelry design? Whatever your need is, you can get the perfect Yellow Sapphire of your choice at Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited (SBGL).

SBGL, a pioneer in calibrated gemstones in Jaipur, understands the importance of accuracy, authenticity, and finishing in gemstones to provide nothing less than the best to its clients. You can visit our website and select Yellow Sapphire and any other gemstone in your desired quantity without compromising the quality.

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