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How Gemstones effects scientifically on an Individual?

Scientific Effects of Gemstones, Blog by SBGL

Gemstones are always seen as mystery stones. Some believe that it is all about superstition and the effects related to gemstone are only myth. So for those who believe natural gemstone is only myth, here is the scientific answer of your curiosity.

How gemstones work, has always made us curious, because they are mysterious, colorful and vibrant stones. Sometimes people think that if they really work and if yes then how? So to know more let us dig it more. Gemstones have ancient existence, and throughout the ancient period, they have been used prominently as jewelry to decorate the crowns, clothes, and body.

What are Gemstones:

The first question which arrives in the mind is what gemstones are. Majority of gemstones is minerals; some of them are organic like pearl & coral. Rashi Ratna or natural Gemstones are simply chemical compositions in shape of crystal structure formed in rocks. These are identified through there hardness, optical properties.

History of gemstones:

In ancient times people were fully aware of these gemstones and their built-in power. Be it Panna (Emerald), Pearl (Moti), Diamond (Heera) or any other gemstone, the royalties used to jewel it in there crown and jewelry. In Vedic astrology, gemstones have been categorized according to the ascendants (lagna) and constellations (nakshatras).

Scientific Working of Gemstones :

Stones absorb the cosmic energy from the celestial bodies and use it on your body to provide the relevant help. Gemstones receive the cosmic energies of the planets in the form of color-coded frequencies through our solar system. Which are then infused into our body through a ring or pendant. If you carefully observe the color of gem and its corresponding planet you will get the answer.

Like, blue sapphire & Saturn are Blue, emerald & Mercury are Green, yellow sapphire & Jupiter are yellow, red coral & Mars are red, pearl & Moon are white and so on. These gemstone receives the associated radiation from the corresponding planets and allows the particular type of energy passed through your body which makes it effective and hence they cure your issues.

Most of the Ratnas are advised to wear as a ring on the finger because the stone should touch your body so that the cosmic rays can enter your body. However, these gemstones will show their real effect only when you choose an authentic stone. And because of not choosing a real gemstone people do not get the benefit and end in disbelieving the effects.

How to choose a real gemstone:

For making your gemstone work the most important thing is to choose a real one. Although the market is full of fake gemstone dealers, choosing an authentic one is a challenge. So for that always consider a dealer or place who is working in these fields for more than 10 years. Before buying, check the certifications and if buying online check on the authenticity of the website and also if its physical store is available or not.

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