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Gems and Jewelry Exhibitions in Jaipur and across India

Gems and Jewellery Exhibition in Jaipur and across India

Gems and jewelry exhibitions in Jaipur and across our country, India are held regularly to generate interest among the buyers and, in turn, increase exports. The fact that India is a hub of colored gemstones and jewelry is not unknown, and neither is the fact that India is a prominent center for cut and polished gemstones. Top Indian gemstone wholesalers and manufacturers showcase the best of their collections at these events at an affordable rate.

Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJPEC India) has recently concluded the launch of the International Gem & Jewellery Show (IGJS), and that too at one of the most important centers of gemstones and jewelry in India, Jaipur.

IGJS, Jaipur got a massive response because it allows wholesalers and traders to operate their businesses conveniently and efficiently. Also, it is a favorite tourist destination, giving the show a considerable boost. Moreover, 7% of India’s GDP is contributed by IGJS, thus ascertaining its importance in the Indian gem and jewelry sector. IGJS employs around 5 million people across India.

These exhibitions are an excellent way for buyers from different parts of the world, like the US, UK, Africa, Russia, and Asia, to participate and get the highest quality of gemstones and jewelry at wholesale prices and avail of exclusive offers and discounts.

Importance of Renowned Gemstone Exhibitions for Sanjay Bairathi Gems Limited

SBGL has been a trusted wholesale gemstone dealer in jaipur for a long time and has participated in various gemstone and jewelry exhibitions in Jaipur and India. We get all sorts of customers at these shows, from retailers and purchase managers from factories to direct consumers from small and big cities.

We understand buyers’ diverse needs and showcase a variety of gemstones so that they can purchase as per their needs and preferences. SBGL offers the best deal to all its customers at these gemstone exhibitions and shows, including buyers from different parts of the world.

We aim to give all our customers the best deal so that they can benefit from their visit to our stalls at these prestigious gemstone shows and exhibitions.

Participation of SBGL in Gems and Jewelry Exhibitions in Jaipur and Internationally

Gems Exhibition in Jaipur

Here are the famous Indian gemstone and jewelry shows in Jaipur that SBGL has participated in:

  1. Jewellers Association Show, Jaipur
  2. Jaipur Jewellery Show

International Gems Exhibition

SBGL has also attended the following top international jewelry exhibitions and shows to expand its reach:

  1. Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair
  2. Hong Kong Gems & Jewellery Show
  3. JCK, Las Vegas
  4. Tucson Gems & Jewellery Show, AZ, USA
  5. JA, New York
  6. JIS Miami
  7. Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Switzerland
  8. Inhorgenta, Munich, Germany

What is the Significance of Gems & Jewelry Exhibitions?

Gems and jewelry exhibitions enable manufacturers and wholesalers to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and are therefore crucial for the industry’s growth. They also provide buyers a platform to compare and get the best deals on the gems and jewelry they like. In this section, we will see how gems and jewelry exhibitions are essential for gemstone dealers, wholesalers as well as buyers.

Significance for Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Brands

  1. Business Networking
  2. Awareness of Customer Preferences
  3. New Technology & Machines Awareness
  4. Proper Understanding of Competition
  5. Generate Awareness of your Business

Business Networking

Gemstones and jewelry exhibitions help businesses reach out to potential clients and team up with complementary businesses to grow their brands.

Awareness of Customer Preferences

These shows and exhibitions also enable businesses to understand customer preferences in a better way, which helps them offer customized solutions that, in turn, attract more customers.

New Technology & Machines Awareness

Businesses also get a better understanding of the latest technology or machinery in the industry that helps them solve their supply chain issues.

Proper Understanding of Competition

It is extremely important to understand a business’ competitors, strengths, weaknesses, etc., so you can strategize more effectively. Gems and jewelry trade exhibitions are a perfect platform that allows you to get in-depth knowledge of your competition in a better way.

Generate Awareness of your Business

These exhibitions provide gemstone manufacturers a chance to generate awareness of their businesses with the help of personal and face-to-face interactions with buyers.

Significance for Buyers

  1. Diverse Options
  2. Lucrative Schemes
  3. Best Price

Diverse Options

Buyers get to choose from a vast number of options at these gems and jewelry exhibitions and make a well-informed decision keeping the quality of the product in mind.

Lucrative Schemes

Buyers are also introduced to lucrative schemes that manufacturers and wholesalers offer exclusively at these exhibitions and shows.

Best Price

These shows offer the best price to the customers so they can get the perfect deal on their favorite gemstones and jewelry pieces.

List of Most Famous Gemstones & Jewelry Exhibitions in Jaipur & India

Here are the top gems and jewelry exhibitions and shows in Jaipur and India that attract a huge number of buyers from all around the world:

  1. Jewellers Association Show, Jaipur (JAS)
  2. Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS)
  3. Delhi Jewellery Gems & Fair (DJGF)
  4. Gem & Jewellery India International Fair (GJIIF)
  5. Gujarat Jewellery & Gem Fair

Jewellers Association Show, Jaipur (JAS)

This show has been promoting gemstone and jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers for 15 years. The exhibition is known for offering an array of gemstones and jewelry, including gold and silver jewelry, to its buyers from different parts of the world.

Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS)

Jaipur Jewellery Show is one of the biggest platforms allowing gemstone manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and traders to showcase their collections with unique designs made using the latest techniques.

Delhi Jewellery Gems & Fair (DJGF)

This exhibition takes place in the national capital and features prominent professionals in the gems and jewelry industry. Delhi Jewellery Gems & Fair is also one of India’s largest B2B shows.

Gem & Jewellery India International Fair (GJIIF)

Gem & Jewellery India International Fair is ideal for gemstone traders to keep up with the latest trends in the gem and jewelry industry. All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council usually collaborates with Madras Jewellers and Diamond Merchants Association to organize this important fair for the industry.

Gujarat Jewellery & Gem Fair

If you are looking for beautiful gemstones that will immerse you in a pool of luxury, this B2B fair is for you. Gujarat Jewellery & Gem Fair also features silver and pearl jewelry and is mostly held in Hyderabad. The exhibition gives a much-needed boost to gems and jewelry traders in India. The fair also boasts many visitors and allows the luxury mineral industry to showcase its products.

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